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Photographs from the India trip of January 1999.   Some of the images are scanned photos and others are images captured from the video camera.   (click on the images for a larger view)

 New-1.jpg (26337 bytes) Mira, my beloved traveling companion (on the left)

New-2.jpg (47925 bytes) Mira and Lessly out for an early morning walk on a Chennai side street.

New-3.jpg (17818 bytes) Kids are about the same everywhere.

New-4.jpg (39571 bytes) Woman selling yams at the main market in Chennia.

New-5.jpg (18794 bytes) Morning rituals are about the same everywhere...this is the neighbor who Mira asked to paint her hand like a Hindu

New-6.jpg (48284 bytes) Typical morning scene from the roof.

New-7.jpg (46179 bytes) Smoke from the Hindu Harvest festival called Pongal.  They burned the old to make way for the new.

New-8.jpg (41216 bytes) Ox and his cart.  India has alot of these guys all over the roads.

New-9.jpg (31329 bytes) Those are banana leaves, used for serving food on.

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